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Can’t believe we actually met them. We waited almost 3 hours at the hotel they were staying in, but it was all worth it.

Baked some cupcakes. Finally did something productive on this boring holiday break.

Cheers to my sucky recorder. (and voice)

So i made a song and yeah that’s it. It clearly needs a lot of polishing though, especially the quality. Oh well. The things i do when i get bored or just wandering around. Am i weird?

Waiting for the sun to arise
and I’m still cursing at the things I wish never happened
All I want to do is curl up in my shadow with my back against the thorns
Oh why can’t I run from everything

My head is filled up with smoke
Can someone please kill me?
I said yes but they said no
Oh just turn off the light and let me be

Sorry for turning you left and right
but that’s what I was born to do
This regret will never fade away
but it will be saved

Running from you
That’s all i need to do
Running from you
No more pretending
I run from you
So just walk with her

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My cover (feeler haha) of Here I am by Adam and Binki Shapiro

Aside from my bad singing, I think my piano playing is quite okay… :)

Cheap trick vinyl

I love my new top <3

My twin and I are bored. Clearly I’m bored.


My fave shirt right now. ♥ (Taken with Instagram)


My sketch of allison harvard.